JC's Kidz

* Neighborhood Outreach:

Our goal is to present the Gospel through creative arts, drama, interactive worship experiences, puppet shows, and age-appropriate activities. We seek to bring weekly Sidewalk Sunday School presentations to the very doorstep of urban children and their families

*Snack Packs:

Our Snack Pack program for Triad inner-city children feeds low-income students who largely depend on school lunches as their primary source of food. These kids are most likely to go home on the weekends to an empty pantry.

This program provides nutritious food items that can easily be prepared by children when they are home alone, such as juice boxes, applesauce, raisin packs, granola bars, Easy Mac, boxes of cold cereal, peanut butter crackers, fruit snacks, oatmeal, and more.


* Kidz Camp ( Because every child deserves to go to camp!)

Camp has all the fun a child needs in a safe and nurturing environment (sports, recreation, swimming, rafting, hiking, dance, arts, and more!). And it’s much more than just an outdoor escapade; our camping experience serves to increase children's resiliency characteristics, team-building aptitude, social skills, and spiritual development. It transcends hot dogs and campfires, providing a chance for kids to learn all about the life-changing message of Jesus and God’s unconditional love for them. The camp also builds bridges into children's lives for year-round mentoring relationships.

* After School Club

There are millions of children left alone and unsupervised each day after school. For these children, the after school hours are dangerous times; times when they are “at risk” for getting into serious trouble. Through JC's Kidz after school programs, kids have a safe and positive alternative!

This program exisst to provide safe after school environments for kids to engage socially and develop holistically. Our faith-based programs provide recreational activities, character development, resiliency skills, and tutoring. Our goal is to empower every child emotionally, intellectually, socially, and spiritually.

* Adventure Trips

Providing field trips and adventure outings for disadvantaged youth and underprivileged kids, including amusement parks, professional sports events, museums, discovery centers, weekend retreats, resiliency-building activities, and age-appropriate worship experiences.

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